Here are the tools of my trade.  Actually not just trade.  More like exploration, trade, passenger services, mining and bounty hunting with a slight hint of covert operations.

The ship names are inspired by the Culture Series of novels written by Iain M. Banks.

Vessel TypeShip NameRoleLocalityVessel Build
Nautilus Class Fleet CarrierDSSA Chrysaetos RefugeDeep Space Support ArrayAquila's Halo
Federal CorvetteChrysaetos TalonSystem DefenseAquila's Halo
Imperial CutterChrysaetos BeakMinerAquila's Halo
Beluga LinerChrysaetos WingDeep Space RescueAquila's Halo
Krait PhantomChrysaetos VisionExplorationAquila's Halo
Type-9 HeavyChrysaetos HeartTritium TransferAquila's Halo
SidewinderShip OneCeremonialAquila's Halo
Asp ExplorerCantankerous AstrolabeExplorationColonia
Diamondback ExplorerTrue BearingExplorationAquila's Halo
Federal CorvetteBlunt InstrumentBounty HunterColonia
AnacondaInquisitive SurveyorExplorationColonia
Cobra Mk IVHaulier's FolleyCeremonialColonia
PythonRelentless TideMission RunnerBubble
PythonGravitational EchoMission RunnerColonia
Beluga LinerNot South Of The RiverFirst Class Passenger LinerColonia
Imperial CutterAnnular EclipseTraderColonia
AnacondaGelid AccumulatorCombatBubble
Diamondback ScoutDesperate TimesAnti-XenoBubble
Krait Mk IIHumanity's CondolencesAnti-XenoBubble
Alliance Chieftain'Goid RiddanceAnti-XenoBubble
Diamondback ExplorerGood IntentionsBubble / Colonia RunnerColonia / Bubble
PythonMiner InfractionMinerColonia
PythonStanding Room OnlyCommuter ShuttleColonia
AnacondaPheidippides's LegacyLong Distance TourismColonia
Imperial EaglePrecision MaelstromEscort WingColonia
Type 9Calamity's SalvationTraderColonia
Diamondback ExplorerFurtive MistCovert OpsColonia
PythonContractual ObligationBusiness Class ShuttleColonia
PythonPrime MeridianFirst Class ShuttleColonia