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All posts on this blog, sorted most recent to oldest, without any image spoilers.  Better get scrolling

All The Logs


A gallery of the Guardian Ruins. If you’ve never been, hopefully you’ll be inspired after this

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A gallery of Elite related memes, …… because space madness happens

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They are a secretive and eccentric bunch of individuals who can make interesting updates to weapons and modules

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Gru Phio DV-W d2-440

Chronicles Expedition, Waypoint 028: Searching for Roseum, Prasinum, Albidum and Caeruleum Sinuous Tubers in the Gru Phio DV-W d2-440 system

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Bow Lof Petunias

Bow Lof Petunias

Bow Lof Petunias is a player character in the galaxy of Elite Dangerous, specializing in long range exploration, cartography & prospecting. When he's not aboard his Fleet Carrier, the "DSSA Chrysaetos Refuge", this commander is a confirmed screenshot junkie, a random scribe and an occasional video creator.