Boundary’s Wonder (Week #3)

‘DSSA Chrysaetos Refuge’ is a Fleet Carrier participating in FleetComm’s Deep Space Support Array initiative.
‘Boundary’s Wonder’ is the code name for the deployment operation of the DSSA Chrysaetos Refuge.
The reporting period is 00:01 hrs (UTC) Sunday June 28 3306 to 00:01 hrs (UTC) Sunday July 05 3306. 

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The third week tests the endurance of the crew as we attempt two waypoints in one week, totaling some 15 Kly's; as well as receiving some system firmware updates from the Brewer Corporation and one last mad dash to the outfitters to pickup some extra modules.

We take a moment to celebrate the next set of deployment milestones for this carrier:

  • Total jump distance passed the 25 Kly's landmark
  • Total jump counts exceeds 60 jumps
  • Second traversal of a galactic region boundary

The coordinated plotting of the carrier jump route continued this week, designed to offer passengers and crew alike the most spectacular view each system in the jump route has to offer.  However this capital class ship jump technology can be a bit rough round the edges, and lacks the finesse and fine control to place the carrier in an optimal orbit around any stellar body.  The greatest of visual treats are stolen by a navigation computer which has decided, more frequently than not, to drop the carrier on the dark side of a planet, thereby blocking the amazing vista the system has to offer. 

In last week's deployment log I talked about how I thought I'd solved my SRV repair issue with a 22 Kly round trip to Eudaemon Anchorage station in the Rohini system by purchasing additional planetary vehicle hangers, fully fitted with fresh SRV's.  As of Tuesday this week it would appear that this idea was nothing more than practice of my neutron boost piloting skills.  Brewer Corporation have admitted there may be some glitches in the version 1.0 release of Carrier 'AdminOS'.  One of the software bugs was preventing the SRV restock menu function from showing as available.  Since the bridge crew received and installed this update, the restock option has been available in the maintenance menu leaving me with an overabundance of SRV's in the carrier's private module storage.  It's far from the worse problem to have as we journey towards the edge of the galaxy and presents the opportunity from creative SRV reduction practices should the tedium of DSSA carrier deployment get the better of the crew.

The schedule for the week calls for stops at the Zejoo Nebula in the Temple Region and the Vulcan Triad planetary nebula in the Vulcan Gate region.  The Zejoo Nebula offers lush red and orange hues which dominate the sky of the planets in the Zejoo IY-F d12-4 system, many of which are densely covered with geological sites for those commanders interested in restocking their raw material supplies.  The Bya Phla WP-P e5-8 system is illuminated by the glow of the Vulcan's Eye planetary nebula as well as it's neutron and class A stars.  Similarly to the previous waypoint, it offers a multitude of geological and biological surface resources as well as nearby systems offering small Tritium deposits to start replenishing the dwindling fuel reserves aboard the carrier.  The deployment is not at risk though, as even the most conservative of fuel consumption models places the carrier at it's designated system with a good margin of error and some 2,000 tonnes of Tritium remaining.

In addition to the fair amount of surface prospecting at this week's two waypoints, with a little bit of Tritium mining on the side, I decide to make a 35KLy detour over to Colonia for one last round of supplies, including a selection of fighter hangers stocked with the full range of available fighters.  This is, at best, whimsy, but will serve me well in the long run when the urge to take a Ship Launched Fighter out for a spin grabs me.  To some commanders this may seem frivolous, but considering the nearest fixed point location to purchase such equipment will be 28.5Kly's away from the carrier, this really is intended to make up for all those years out in the void where I had an "if I only had XYZ with me" moments.  After all what is the point of having a carrier if you don't take advantage of what it has to offer.  (Have I done enough self justification yet?)

One last item of note for the week sees me rounding out some of the fleet aboard the carrier, with ship transfers from the main fleet operations center in Colonia of my trusty Diamondback Explorer "True Bearing", and my original Sidewinder "Ship One".  That will leave just one last exploration classic to transfer out to the carrier.  My very first exploration ship.  The Asp Explorer "Cantankerous Astrolabe". 

It's been a mighty busy week and I'm sure I've overlooked something in this log, but for now I commit this journal for the record.

D.S.S.A. Chrysaetos Refuge deployment log entry three closed. 

Route map waypoint 02 to 03 (courtesy of
2-00 Prai Hypoo GF-E c10 carrier location
2-01 Prai Hypoo XU-W d2-11 carrier location
2-02 Prai Hypoo OG-P b24-2 carrier location
2-03 Flyiedgooe YG-X c17-26 carrier location
2-04 Flyiedgooe DI-H d11-38 carrier location
2-05 Flyue Eaewsy YV-C d54 carrier location
2-06 Flyai Eaescs IM-Y c3-65 carrier location
2-07 Flyai Eaescs RQ-P c8-57 carrier location
2-08 Flyai Eaescs KM-E c14-25 carrier location
2-09 Flyue Eaescs IR-V b35-14 carrier location
2-10 Flyue Eaescs ZG-S a99-0 carrier location
2-11 Ellaiscs UC-T b58-15 carrier location
2-12 Pra Eaewsy OO-V b8-14 carrier location
2-13 Pra Eaewsy WH-M c10-53 carrier location
2-14 Pra Eaewsy TE-Y c17-24 carrier location
2-15 Zejoo IY-F d12-177 carrier location
3-00 Zejoo IY-F d12-4 carrier location
Route map (courtesy of
3-00 Zejoo IY-F d12-4 carrier location
3-01 Clookoae IY-X a2 carrier location
3-02 Clookoae QF-A b6-0 carrier location
3-03 Clookiae IC-X a28-0 carrier location
3-04 Clookiae ZM-T b23-0 carrier location
3-05 Clooke MU-I b29-1 carrier location
3-06 Clooke RU-M d8-2 carrier location
3-07 Clooke YV-J b42-0 carrier location
3-08 Blue Hypae QZ-D d13-4 carrier location
3-09 Blue Hypae SZ-O e6-4 carrier location
3-10 Grea Hypae YV-C d4 carrier location
3-11 Pueki ZS-U d2-21 carrier location
3-12 Pueki QI-A c14-11 carrier location
3-13 Pueki WB-T c17-16 carrier location
3-14 Bya Phla LR-H b38-7 carrier location
3-15 Bya Phla HL-X b43-1 carrier location
4-00 Bya Phla WP-P e5-8 carrier location
Prai Hypoo XU-W d2-11, planet C1
Prai Hypoo OG-P b24-2, planet 2
Flyiedgooe YG-X c17-26, star B
Flyiedgooe DI-H d11-38, planet 2
Flyue Eaewsy YV-C d54, planet 1
Flyai Eaescs IM-Y c3-65, star A
Flyai Eaescs RQ-P c8-57, planet A1
Flyai Eaescs KM-E c14-25, star B
Flyue Eaescs IR-V b35-14, star B
Pra Eaewsy OO-V b8-14, planet A 1 a
Pra Eaewsy TE-Y c17-24, planet 6
Zejoo IY-F d12-177, planet C 2
Zejoo IY-F d12-4, planet 5a
Clooke YV-J b42-0, planet 1
Clookoae IY-X a2, planet B 1
Clookoae QF-A b6-0, star A
Clookiae IC-X a28-0, planet 1
Clookiae ZM-T b23-0, planet B 1 a
Clooke RU-M d8-2, stars B & C
Clooke YV-J b42-0, planet 1
Blue Hypae QZ-D d13-4, planet A 1 a
Blue Hypae SZ-O e6-4, stars B & C
Blue Hypae SZ-O e6-4, stars B & C
Grea Hypae YV-C d4, planet 2 a
Pueki ZS-U d2-21, star A
Pueki WB-T c17-16, planet 1 a
Bya Phla HL-X b43-1, planet 1 e
Bya Phla WP-P e5-8, planet B 3
Admiring a ringed gas giant from the SRV on Zejoo IY-F d12-4, planet 7a
Another week of bark mounds, Zejoo IY-F d12-4, planet 5 a
Geological sites on Zejoo IY-F d12-4, planet 5 b
Geological vents on Zejoo IY-F d12-4, planet 5 b
Boosting out of the gravity well of Zejoo IY-F d12-4, planet 5 b
Tritium mining in Bya Phla QL-M b49-6, planet 8, A Ring
Twin water worlds A6 & A7 in Bya Phla QL-M b49-7, with Vulcan's Eye planetary nebula in the background
Vulcan's Eye planetary nebula (Bya Phla WP-P e5-8) as seen from Bya Phla SG-M b49-5
Lava vents of Bya Phla WP-P e5-8, planet B3
Trusty Krait Phantom among the lava vents of Bya Phla WP-P e5-8, planet B3
Fumeroils on Bya Phla WP-P e5-8, planet B 5 a
What passengers aboard the carrier have been saying this week.


WaypointStar SystemDistance (LY)Tritium (t)
02.00Prai Hypoo GF-E c100.00n/a
02.01Prai Hypoo XU-W d2-11498.18232
02.02Prai Hypoo OG-P b24-2496.97231
02.03Flyiedgooe YG-X c17-26499.21230
02.04Flyiedgooe DI-H d11-38490.58226
02.05Flyue Eaewsy YV-C d54494.62226
02.06Flyai Eaescs IM-Y c3-65495.14225
02.07Flyai Eaescs RQ-P c8-57492.17223
02.08Flyai Eaescs KM-E c14-25493.18222
02.09Flyue Eaescs IR-V b35-14499.09224
02.10Flyue Eaescs ZG-S a99-0494.27221
02.11Ellaiscs UC-T b58-15497.86221
02.12Pra Eaewsy OO-V b8-14498.29220
02.13Pra Eaewsy WH-M c10-53497.93219
02.14Pra Eaewsy TE-Y c17-24496.70217
02.15Zejoo IY-F d12-177498.02217
03.00Zejoo IY-F d12-424.6425
03.01Clookoae IY-X a2499.58216
03.02Clookoae QF-A b6-0496.23214
03.03Clookiae IC-X a28-0494.90212
03.04Clookiae ZM-T b23-0499.68213
03.05Clooke MU-I b29-1499.29212
03.06Clooke RU-M d8-2491.68208
03.07Clooke YV-J b42-0492.58207
03.08Blue Hypae QZ-D d13-4491.98206
03.09Blue Hypae SZ-O e6-4496.71207
03.10Grea Hypae YV-C d4498.44206
03.11Pueki ZS-U d2-21488.60201
03.12Pueki QI-A c14-11499.70205
03.13Pueki WB-T c17-16489.53200
03.14Bya Phla LR-H b38-7484.58197
03.15Bya Phla HL-X b43-1499.87202
04.00Bya Phla WP-P e5-8399.79163


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Bow Lof Petunias is a player character in the galaxy of Elite Dangerous, specializing in long range exploration, cartography & prospecting. When he's not aboard his Fleet Carrier, the "DSSA Chrysaetos Refuge", or piloting one of his many ships, this commander is a bit of a random scribe, a confirmed screenshot junkie and occasional video creator.

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