Boundary’s Wonder (Week #1)

‘DSSA Chrysaetos Refuge’ is a Fleet Carrier participating in FleetComm’s Deep Space Support Array initiative.
‘Boundary’s Wonder’ is the code name for the deployment operation of the DSSA Chrysaetos Refuge.
The reporting period is 00:01 hrs (UTC) Sunday June 14 3306 to 00:01 hrs (UTC) Sunday June 21 3306. 

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We're ready. As ready as we'll ever be after four short range test jumps.  The crew is eager to prove their worth; and so they should be considering the rates Pathfinder Solutions and Brewer Corporation have negotiated.  Just another monopoly to be endured by independent pilots.

The cargo hold is full to bursting with Tritium.  Cargo transfers from nearby stations concluded at a frenetic pace in just 3 days into what was thought to be a two week fueling period.  This simply goes to show how new this all is to us.  Still, given the size and considerable value of this fleet carrier, I will forever be happy to error on the side of caution.

Speaking of caution, I will be indebted to CMDR Eagle131 for some considerable time as we both finalize our plans on our respective Deep Space Support Array carrier deployments.  Without a passing comment on the use of an Armoury service to stock up on limpets, I would have departed 50Klys from Sol with only synthesis to stock my Tritium mining supplies.  You need to be prepared to survive at the edge of the galaxy.  Self sufficiency is king as another of the great unknowns of this endeavour is how many ships will dock at these D.S.S.A. carriers, all dispersed throughout the void.  o7 Cmdr.

For what feels to be the final time, I perform a fly past of Hutton Orbital.  I'm reminded of the time we pressed out beyond the Bubble and founded a place in Colonia for those who tired of life under the unwavering eyes of the Federation, Empire and Alliance.  This time it's further.  Much further. A small system in the Aquila's Halo region that will fly Alvin's flag and welcome independent pilots who choose to venture out so far.

This first week boasts simple ambitions:  leave the Bubble behind us; validate the Tritium burn rate calculations are accurate; consume wondrous vistas and explore like never before, foregoing the historical tether of a fixed outpost or station.

The deck officer signals ready and we commence the pre-launch countdown to the first jump of what feels like the rest of our lives.  The hyperspace portal opens before us and 1.5km of carrier, at an approximate value of 8 billion credits (including cargo) winks out of existence for just a while. 

Route map (courtesy of
0.00 Alpha Centauri carrier location
0.01 Col 359 Sector GG-V c3-23 carrier location
0.02 Stock 1 Sector FR-K b9-3 carrier location
0.03 Pru Euq UE-R d4-142 carrier location
0.04 Sifi QX-L d7-91 carrier location
0.05 Sifi CJ-E b39-3 carrier location
0.06 Pru Eurk PC-D d12-58 carrier location
0.07 Pru Eurk LO-X c28-23 carrier location
0.08 Bleae Thaa LG-O b6-2 carrier location
0.09 Chraufao GD-M c7-19 carrier location
0.10 Chraufao DF-F b25-1 carrier location
0.11 Chraufao UN-N b34-2 carrier location
0.12 NGC 6842 Sector NX-T b3-4 carrier location
1.00 Csi+29-19529 carrier location
Proxima Centauri (Alpha Centauri)
Eden (Alpha Centauri)
Col 359 Sector GG-V c3-23 planet 1
Stock 1 Sector FR-K b9-3
Pru Euq UE-R d4-142 stars A, B & C
Sifi QX-L d7-91, stars A & B
Pru Eurk PC-D d12-58, star A
Pru Eurk LO-X c28-23, star A
Bleae Thaa LG-O b6-2, star A
Chraufao DF-F b25-1, stars A & B
Chraufao UN-N b34-2, star A
NGC 6842 Sector NX-T b3-4, stars A, B & C
Csi+29-19529, planet 3; inside a planetary nebula


WaypointStar SystemDistance (LY)Tritium (t)
0.00Alpha Centauri0n/a
0.01Col 359 Sector GG-V c3-23473.57252
0.02Stock 1 Sector FR-K b9-3499.91264
0.03Pru Euq UE-R d4-142499.36262
0.04Sifi QX-L d7-91499.84261
0.05Sifi CJ-E b39-3498.72259
0.06Pru Eurk PC-D d12-58499.64258
0.07Pru Eurk LO-X c28-23498.11256
0.08Bleae Thaa LG-O b6-2498.47255
0.09Chraufao GD-M c7-19499.32254
0.10Chraufao DF-F b25-1498.58253
0.11Chraufao UN-N b34-2498.76252
0.12NGC 6842 Sector NX-T b3-4498.99250


About the author: Bow Lof Petunias

Bow Lof Petunias is a player character in the galaxy of Elite Dangerous, specializing in long range exploration, cartography & prospecting. When he's not aboard his Fleet Carrier, the "DSSA Chrysaetos Refuge", or piloting one of his many ships, this commander is a bit of a random scribe, a confirmed screenshot junkie and occasional video creator.

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  1. CMDR Buur - June 22, 2020 at 10:48 am Reply

    That is SO good – fantastic read, CMDR o7
    Love this Flight log format. Just incredible.

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