Boundary’s Wonder – Operation Overview

Deployment Operation for D.S.S.A. Carrier #21 Chrysaetos Refuge (WNB-W5Z)

Boundary’s Wonder is the deployment operation code name for the D.S.S.A Fleet Carrier Chrysaetos Refuge.  
The deployment operation encompasses the period of time between when the carrier is initially purchased to when it arrives at it’s designated mooring system, as shown in the diagram below.  
UPDATE: The Boundary’s Wonder deployment operation is complete.
You can find the DSSA Chrysaetos Refuge in orbit around Xothae MA-A d2, ringed gas giant ABCD 3


The deployment destination has been selected based on desirable characteristics used during the survey expedition.

Important Dates

All schedules depicted here are dependent on the Brewer Corporation’s plans including, but not limited to, carrier availability, pricing, Tritium availability and in system available carrier mooring locations.  As such, the information presented here is subject to change with little or no notice where the circumstances are beyond the control of the carrier captain.

PhasePhase / TimelineDate / Time (UTC)Status
1aFueling StartWednesday June 10th 3306 @ 17:00 hrsComplete June 10th
1bGo / No Go Early Launch DecisionSunday June 14th 3306 @ 17:00 hrsComplete June 10th
1cFueling CompleteWednesday June 17th 3306 @ 13:00 hrsComplete June 11th
2aCarrier to Launch LocationWednesday June 17th 3306 @ 01:00 hrsComplete June 17th
2bDeployment LaunchThursday June 18th 3306 @ 01:00 hrsComplete June 18th
   See Deployment Timeline
   For Split Times
- -
2cArrive at Destination SystemSunday July 12th 3306 @ 08:00 hrsComplete July 12th
1 a) Fueling - Status: Complete

The fueling location is system BD-22 3573,  in orbit around planet 4A.  The system consists of 3 stations selling Tritium.
As of Thursday 11th June 3306, fueling operations were complete with 24,200 tonnes of Tritium in the cargo hold.

2 b) Launch - Status: Scheduled
Terms & Conditions For Passage Aboard the Carrier

These terms are designed to ensure you get the maximum amount of fun from this event and have all the information necessary before committing to participate in the event.  The carrier deployment operation is expected to last 24 days.  If no registrations are recorded, the carrier will travel directly to it’s destination system.  The departure location is orbiting Eden in the Alpha Centauri system, and the carrier will arrive at the departure location no less than 24 hours before the launch time.  If early boarding is required please locate the carrier at it’s fueling location – system BD-22 3573,  in orbit around planet 4A.
UPDATE: The landing pads have been retracted and the docking bays secured. 
This deployment operation is now closed to new registrants.

  • Passenger Responsibilities
    • Commanders must use the registration form to sign up for passage aboard the carrier
    • Registration must be completed by 00:01 hrs UTC on Thursday June 18th
    • Make sure you allow enough time to board the carrier at waypoint zero in Alpha Centauri. 
      The carrier will be near Proxima Centauri, over 90 minutes supercruise from the system jump in point.
    • Commanders must be aboard the carrier no later than 15 minutes prior to the scheduled jump time
      If you are not aboard the carrier when it jumps you are responsible for making your own way to the next waypoint or you may choose to leave the route and make your own way back to inhabited space
    • The carrier will not turn back to pick up commanders who were not aboard prior to the scheduled jump time
    • Commanders are responsible for making sure their ship loadout meets the requirements listed below
    • Commanders are responsible for making their own way back to inhabited space.  This is a one way carrier journey.
      The destination system is 28,500Ly from Colonia and 47,000Ly from Alpha Centauri.
    • If Commanders want their journey recorded by tools such as EDSM, Commanders must jump to an adjacent system to each waypoint and back to the waypoint system for the tool to register the location
  • Registration
    • Commanders must use the registration form to sign up for passage aboard the carrier
    • The deadline to register for this deployment operation is 00:01 hrs UTC on Thursday June 18th
    • Commanders can change / cancel their registration status by updating the registration form
    • If no Commanders sign up using the registration form, the carrier will switch to an express deployment schedule and not stop at the waypoints for any significant period of time.  If you are planning to travel aboard the carrier and wish it to stop at the defined waypoints, you must sign up using the registration form
    • Commanders considering only making the partial journey aboard the carrier should indicate on the registration form which waypoint they are planning to leave the deployment operation
  • Ship Loadout
    • Jump range: 50Ly minimum
    • At least one SRV (two recommended) to enjoy the surface events
    • Fuel scoop
  • Schedule
    • Jumps between waypoints will occur between 01:00 and 08:00 hrs UTC on the appointed day
    • The waypoint jump schedule is shown in the table below
WaypointStageArrive Waypoint (UTC)Depart Waypoint (UTC)StatusDuration
0001Wednesday June 17th @ 01:00 hrsThursday June 18th 3306 @ 01:00 hrsn/a
0101Thursday June 18th 3306 @ 08:00 hrsSunday June 21st 3306 @ 01:00 hrs3 days
0201Sunday June 21st 3306 @ 08:00 hrsSunday June 28th 3306 @ 01:00 hrs7 days
0301Sunday June 28th 3306 @ 08:00 hrsThursday July 2nd 3306 @ 01:00 hrs4 days
0402Thursday July 2nd 3306 @ 08:00 hrsSunday July 5th 3306 @ 01:00 hrs3 days
0502Sunday July 5th 3306 @ 08:00 hrsThursday July 9th 3306 @ 01:00 hrs4 days
0602Thursday July 9th 3306 @ 08:00 hrsSunday July 12th 3306 @ 01:00 hrs3 days
0702Sunday July 12th 3306 @ 08:00 hrsn/an/a
Launch Time & Date

The launch date was Thursday June 18th 3306 at 01:00 hrs UTC

Launch Location

Eden, in the Alpha Centauri system.

Deployment Route

The deployment route is shown in both the diagram and table below.  The route is split into 2 stages covering nearly 51,500 LYs.  Details of the route are available at EDSM.

Deployment Route (Detailed)

Route plotting data courtesy of EDSM

Start (LY)
0001n/aAlpha CentauriInner Orion SpurBoarding
01016,036.55Csi+29-19529Inner Orion SpurPlanetary Nebula
02016,700.98Prai Hypoo GF-E c10TempleJumponium and Guardian Ruins
03017,374.14Zejoo IY-F d12-4TempleNebula and Jumponium
04027,678.87Bya Phla WP-P e5-8Vulcan GateVulcan Brain, Eye and Soul
05029,159.27Hypoea Flyiae CW-V e2-0Perseus ArmBlack Hole and Nebula
06028,271.27Eos Brai KR-W e1-4Outer ArmStellar Remnant
07026,216.40Xothae MA-A d2Aquila's Halo

About the author: Bow Lof Petunias

Bow Lof Petunias is a player character in the galaxy of Elite Dangerous, specializing in long range exploration, cartography & prospecting. When he's not aboard his Fleet Carrier, the "DSSA Chrysaetos Refuge", or piloting one of his many ships, this commander is a bit of a random scribe, a confirmed screenshot junkie and occasional video creator.

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  1. Exton Haleburton - July 12, 2020 at 7:05 am Reply

    Greetings Cmdr!

    Thought I’d just leave a small comment here.
    To me, as an explorer the DSSA project is so much appreciated and I’m happy to see that the “Chrysaetos Refuge” has arrived at its destination in the Aquila’s Halo region. I am currently on my way back to the bubble after completing the Perseus Reach expedition and I departed from Salome’s Reach about two weeks ago. My main goal on the return is to explore the outer regions down to the Formidine Rift and your carrier will be an appreciated stop this far into the black.

    I just entered the Outer Scutum Centaurus Arm region yesterday and will shortly dock with another DSSA carrier; the “Solsen’s Alastor”.

    Will be back with another update when I’m safely docked with the “Chrysaetos Refuge”.

    Thanks for creating this safe haven almost 50 000LY’s from home!

    Cmdr XhaleR

    • Bow Lof Petunias - July 12, 2020 at 10:00 am Reply

      Right on Cmdr!

      We will keep the docking bay lights on for you.
      The repair, refuel, rearm and cartography services will always be available at the “Chrysaetos Refuge” and no service charges will ever be applied to any explorer brave and bold enough to travel this far into the void. That’s a guarantee.
      I’m grateful to the organizers of this FleetComm initiative to be able to pay the gift of exploration forward.

      Fly safe and o7

  2. Exton Haleburton - August 9, 2020 at 7:41 am Reply

    Captain’s log 09.08.3306:

    After 42 270LY’s of exploration along the outer edge of the galaxy it was great to finally touch down on the landing pad of the DSSA “Chrysaetos Refuge”. It’s late at night and other than the carrier crew, I seem to be the only one visiting at the moment.

    Almost four weeks has passed since I left the “Solsen’s Alastor”, but with a lot of manual route planning along the way I had to be careful not getting into trouble. I’ve taken good care of the “Limo-Nade” so there was nothing but some minor repairs. With a full tank and a new paintjob she’s looking as good as new!

    I have discovered some really great places along the way, but the real gem was to find a pair of binary ELW’s at the very tip of the Scutum-Centaurus arm in Tyreanue QT-O d7-3. As a small contribution to the DSSA project, I’ve sold over a billion worth of explorer data, happily leaving my 25% to the carrier account.

    Sitting in the cockpit with a glass of Lavian Brandy enjoying the view of the galaxy before lowering the “Limo-Nade” down to the hangar and calling it a day.

    Thanks for beeing here!


    • Bow Lof Petunias - August 9, 2020 at 12:03 pm Reply

      It’s good to have you aboard Cmdr.
      I myself am out in the void touring the other DSSA carriers in the galaxy, slowing making my way through the Outer Arm region.
      It’s quiet in Aquila’s Halo region but I’m glad Gaia and the rest of the bridge crew gave you a warm welcome.
      Thanks so much for your contribution towards carrier upkeep costs. That bounty of new discoveries will certainly make a difference to carrier funds for the rest of 3306.
      It’s explorers such as yourself that are the reason I choose to be part of the DSSA project, and pay forward the wonder of discovery and innate human curiosity.
      Wherever your onward journey takes you, fly safe Cmdr.


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