Xothae MA-A d2


The most striking feature of this system is the binary class A stars that greet you as you return to normal space.  Beyond that first impression there are two class K stars and a class Y dwarf within less than 1,500ls radius.  The system also contains an assortment of ringed gas giants and a ringed planet, together withe a collection of smaller landable stellar bodies, set against the glowing majesty of the Milky Way’s outer arm.

Notable Features

Outside of the binary class A stars, this system’s main features are it’s gas giants which include ring mining opportunities as well as a collection of surfaced based geological resources on the orbiting moons.

D 1 ASilicate Vapour Geysers2525
ABCD 3 AIron Magma1212
ABCD 2 AIron Magma1010
ABCD 2 BSilicate Vapour Geysers66
ABCD 1 AIron Magma1313
ABCD 2 RingMusgravite Hotspot11
ABCD 3 RingPainite Hotspot21
ABCD 3 RingPlatinum Hotspot20
ABCD 3 RingMusgravite Hotspot11
ABCD 3 RingMonazite Hotspot11
ABCD 3 RingRhodplumsite Hotspot01
ABCD 3 RingSerendibite Hotspot02
ABCD 4 RingRhodplumsite Hotspot50
ABCD 4 RingPainite Hotspot 23
ABCD 4 RingSerendibite Hotspot12
ABCD 4 RingPlatinum Hotspot11
ABCD 4 RingMonazite Hotspot03

System resources confirmed by in person survey 3306-05-05 (updated 3306-07-09)

Cost to Deploy
Starting LocationAlpha CentauriColonia
Distance (LY)46,81328,457
Travel Distance (LY) *48,32829,338
Carrier Jumps (#) *10162
Tritium Fuel (t) *13,7628,354
Jump Maintenance Cost (cr)10,100,0006,200,000

* Deployment logistics estimated courtesy of Fleet Carrier Router based on straight line travel excluding detours to known POIs

Criteria Matching

See Location, Location, Location for criteria definitions

EssentialProximity to Other D.S.S.A. Fleet Carriers~5,450 LYsBased on current shared plans
EssentialAccessibility45 LY Jump RangeEstimated
Essential Distinguishing System FeaturesBinary primary stars
EssentialLandable PlanetsYes
EssentialSurface SitesYesSee notable features above
PreferredOutstanding Natural BeautyYesI like bright stars and I cannot lie
PreferredMultiple StarsYesSee system map
PreferredRinged Gas GiantsYesSee system map
PreferredGreen SystemNo
OptionalNotable Stellar PhenomenonNo
OptionalSmall MoonsNo
System Survey Archive

System resources confirmed by in person survey 3306-05-05

Xothae MA-A d2 System Map
Body ABCD 1
Body ABCD 1d
Body ABCD 1e
Body ABCD 2
Body ABCD 2
Body ABCD 3
Body ABCD 3a
Body ABCD 4
Body ABCD 4
Body ABCD 5
Body D1
Body D2

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