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400B in 34C

An Elite Dangerous Commander’s Log

Systems Visited

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DSSA Fleet Carrier Chrysaetos Refuge (WNB-W5Z) deployed to Xothae MA-A d2 (Aquila’s Halo) for 197 days 2 hours

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There are reported to be 400 Billion star systems found in the Milky Way of the 34th Century.  This archive captures the experience of interacting with just a small fraction of the galaxy.

Bow Lof Petunias (@CmdrBLP) is a PC platform independent player character in the galaxy of Elite Dangerous since 3301, specializing in long range exploration and trade, when not doing Hutton Orbital stuff #ForTheMug or participating in FleetComm events or assisting The Buurian  Protectorate.  

Pilot’s Federation license courtesy of Cmdr Citizen Smith.